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CKYO MusicWorks is a daily orchestral and ensemble music program fostering positive youth development by providing equitable access to high-quality music education.


Core Values

Access: MusicWorks believes that every child has the right to a high quality musical education. We strive to eliminate access barriers by providing instruction and resources at no cost to students in exchange for their full commitment to the program.

Ensemble and Community: At MusicWorks, the ensemble functions as a community, with all members working together to achieve a common goal. Additionally, the ensembles will represent a source of community pride. Students will become role models for each other and for the community.

Cultivation of Creative Spirit: Children will discover music as a means of personal expression, improving their sense of value and self worth. In the words of El Sistema founder Dr. Jose Antonio Abreu, “Whoever creates beauty by playing an instrument and generating musical harmony begins to understand from within what essential harmony is… human harmony.”

Musical Excellence: MusicWorks participants will receive music education of the highest possible quality. Students will be held to a high standard of musical excellence and will give frequent public performances.

Commitment and Perseverance: Participants will value commitment to a goal, and the hard work required to achieve it.


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