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Why give, you might ask? Tuition, program fees, and ticket sales only cover one third of CKYO’s budget. We are now serving more students than ever before and charitable contributions are essential to continuing our mission of providing equitable access to the highest quality musical opportunities and to foster a life-long love of music for dedicated young musicians.

When you give to CKYO you help us:

  • Support over 400 student musicians through intensive and fun weekly rehearsals with their peers;


  • Provide almost 400 hours of instruction annually to each student in MusicWorks at no cost to their family;


  • Hire professional musicians and teachers in our community to lead monthly sectionals and coachings;


  • Fund need-based tuition and private lesson scholarship requests for students who would not otherwise be able to participate in our ensembles;


  • Supply free concert tickets to youth agencies in our community to encourage exposure to live orchestral music.

Your gift – no matter the size – makes a huge difference to CKYO and what we can provide for our students each season!

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