Absence Requests and Policy

UPDATE to the CKYO ATTENDANCE POLICY Fall 2020: Every member of an orchestra or musical ensemble is important to its artistic success, but this is even more true during this fall semester. With shortened concert cycles and smaller ensembles, every student is essential throughout each Session. If we are missing that player, we are not rehearsing the music as it is intended which is frustrating to your conductor and the other students in your ensemble. Illness or family emergency aside, we always strongly encourage consistent student attendance but it is even more important now that if you choose to be a member of your ensemble, you commit to attend every rehearsal and performance within the Session.  Should you know in advance of a planned absence, the office prefers to know well in advance (preferably 2 weeks) before the absence is to occur so conductors may be notified and rehearsal plans adjusted.

CKYO Attendance Policy:

An absence may be excused if the student has completed and submitted a CKYO Absence Request (below) no fewer than two (2) weeks in advance of the expected absence. Excused Absences may be granted for academic, musical, medical, or family reasons.  If CKYO has not been notified in advance the absence will be considered unexcused. Absences resulting from student illness (which cannot be predicted two weeks in advance) will be considered excused if the CKYO Office is provided with an explanation the following business day either by phone, email or completing the form below.

Arriving late to rehearsal will count as a one-half absence. Returning late from a rehearsal break or leaving early from rehearsal also counts as a one-half absence. If a student is dismissed from a rehearsal for disorderly conduct, the student will be recorded as absent for that rehearsal.

If a student has more than 2.5 absences for a concert cycle, or if he or she has 1 or more unexcused absences, he or she must play an audition for the music director in order to be allowed to play the concert. The audition will be scheduled at the convenience of the music director and he or she may choose to hear any music from the current concert cycle.


Dress Rehearsals and Performances

  • An absence at a dress rehearsal may result in a student being asked not to perform in the concert. An unexcused absence at a dress rehearsal may result in being dismissed from CKYO.

  • An unexcused absence at a concert may result in being dismissed from CKYO.