Concert Attire


Formal concert attire helps set a professional atmosphere at each CKYO performance.  Members should take pride in keeping outfits in good condition and making sure they fit properly throughout the season.  Only CKYO members who are dressed accordingly will be allowed to perform on concert days.

Symphony (SO), Concert (CO) and Repertory (Rep) Orchestras Concert Attire

Option 1:

  • Long, Black Formal Dress (See Dress Order Form)

  • Black Dress Shoes (NO flip-flops)        


Option 2:

  • Black Tuxedo

  • Black Bow Tie & Cummerbund

  • White Dress Shirt

  • Black Dress Shoes and Black Socks (NO WHITE SOCKS)


Preparatory String Orchestra Concert Attire

CKYO will no longer require students to order a white blouse through Formal Fashions, all PSO members should have a white shirt, blouse, or sweater (long sleeved or least ¾ length sleeves, all white, no other colors or patterns) and black pants or skirt. If wearing a dress shirt, you may wear a long, plain black tie or black bow tie – also with no embellishment or pattern.


All members:

  • White Top (Blouse, Dress shirt, Sweater, etc) – all white at least ¾ length sleeves or longer, no shoulders showing, no additional colors or patterns

  • Black Long tie or bow tie(optional if wearing a white dress shirt)

  • Black Skirt that falls below the knees or Black Dress Pants – NO leggings

  • Black Dress Shoes (NO flip-flops)

  • Black pantyhose or tights or black socks (NO WHITE SOCKS)



  • CKYO places an order for new dresses from Formal Fashions. New orders forms are due Monday, September 27 in order to get them in time for the first concert in November.

  • If you already have an all black, floor length dress with sleeves for your school choir or orchestra, you may wear that for CKYO Concerts. Shoulders and upper arms should be covered. 

  • If you have a dress from previous years, please be sure to try on your dress at home now! CKYO can resell a dress that no longer fits you to another student if you bring it to rehearsal ASAP. If you want to resell, we suggest pricing it between $25 (if older than a few years) to $60 (if you only wore it twice during the 2019-2020 season).

  • There will be used dresses available for sale (HERE is the current list - first come, first served, email to reserve). We also have some white blouses available for students in Preparatory String Orchestra.

  • If you would like to sell a used dress or blouse, please bring the dress to rehearsal and give to Amelia with information about price.



  • Tuxedos may be rented through Geno’s Formal Affair (380 Southland Drive, Lexington, KY 40503;; 859-276-1461). You may contact Geno’s beginning in late September 2021.

  • Mention “Central Kentucky Youth Orchestras” when you go there to be measured.

  • Average cost – $100 for the entire season (October - May); includes 2 cleanings. 

  • May wear this tuxedo for other non-CKYO events (concerts, proms, etc)!