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The CKYO Marketplace is an online venue for CKYO students and families to sell or look for items relating to CKYO, music, or performance.

  • If a student moves up from a 3/4 size cello to a full size cello, consider selling the 3/4 cello to a younger CKYO student.

  • If a student grows out of his or her concert clothes but they are still in good condition, consider selling the smaller concert clothes here.

  • Got an extra mute, metronome, violin strings, clarinet mouthpiece, unopened reeds or swabs, etc…? Consider posting here.


To post an item for sale, follow this procedure:
1. Compose a concise advertisement for your item, like a classified (500 word limit; text only, please).
2. Send an email containing the ad to with the Subject Line: “CKYO Marketplace”.
3. Please be sure to include contact information so interested buyers can contact you directly.
4. All postings will be taken down at the end of each semester. Re-posting is welcome.


$1,500.00 - price is negotiable

*Salavio Viola 16" (#1601V) 2015,

Wide body *New Fiberglass Bow *Bobelock case with

built-in humidity gauge *New Helicore strings *Cleaning cloth

Contact Phillip Bibbs, if interested -

Listing #1

Tuxedo for Sale - $25

Boys size 10 tux pants, jacket and tux shirt  (No cummerbund but includes bow tie).  Can also have black dress shoes that are a little scuffed size 4, if wanted.  If interested, please email:

Listing #2

Tuxedo for Sale - $40

 Boys size 12 tux pants, jacket and tux shirt  (No cummerbund but includes bow tie).   If interested, please email:

CKYO Used Dresses and Blouses For Sale

To claim one of the items listed below, please email CKYO@CKYO.ORG with the Item Number. Items are available first come, first serve.

Viola outfit for sale.jpg

Blouses for Sale:

#2 Used Blouse: $10.00

Size: Youth 07

Style: Round neck (some stains)

#5 Used Blouse: $15.00
Size: Adult 20
Style: Draped neckline

#6 New Blouse: $35.00
Size: Adult 12
Style: Sweetheart neckline

#7 Used Blouse: $15.00
Size: Adult 00
Style: Draped Neck

#8 Used Blouse: $15.00

Size: Adult 00

Style: V Neck

Dresses for Sale:

#10 New Dress: $60.00

Size: Adult 18

Style: Princess waist – Round neck

New with tag

#12 New Dress: $60.00

Size: Adult 00

Style: Empire waist – Round Neck

New with Tag

#13 New Dress: $50.00
Size: Adult 16
Style: Empire waist – Sweetheart

#14 New Dress: $60.00

Size: youth 13

Style: Empire waist – Boatneck

New with tag

#15 New Dress: $60.00

Size: Youth 11

Style: Princess waist – Boatneck 

New with tag

#16 Used Dress: $55.00

Size: Youth 09

Style: Empire waist – Round neck

Unhemmed, but used

#17 Used Dress: $40.00
Size: Youth 09
Style: Empire waist – Round Sweetheart

#18 Used Dress: $25.00

Size: Youth 11

Style: Empire waist – V neck

hemmed and stitching coming out at neckline

#19 Used Dress: $50.00

Size: Adult 10

Style: Empire waist – Round neck



#21 New Dress: $60.00
Size: Adult 02
Style: Empire waist – Round Sweetheart