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Tell Your CKYO Story for our 75th!

Thank you for agreeing to make a brief video for CKYO’s 75th Anniversary celebration!

We will edit together a compilation of many videos from Alumni, former conductors, local dignitaries that will be played at the concert on May 21st.  Your video may be excerpted for time for what is played at the concert. We will also edit together a longer form video that will be available on our website and YouTube Channel.


You can record your video on a Smart Phone - it is best to record in LANDSCAPE mode.


When you are finished, upload to this DropBox Folder:


Below are some suggestions about what you might say, but do not feel like you have to follow any of the suggestions below.


THANK YOU for helping us celebrate 75 years!


Questions to answer (choose 1 or 2):


What was your favorite memory of being in/a part of CKYO?


How has your experience in CKYO impacted you after your time with CKYO? Career choice, people you met, etc.


How has music made a difference in your life? How has music education made a difference in your life?

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