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Tuition & Fees INFORMATION
74th Season: 2022-2023

2022-2023 Tuition Levels

Tuition listed is per semester and will charged in September 2022 and January 2023 via a personalized email to each family. Payment can be made via check or a link in the tuition emails that will be sent directly to families.

Symphony Orchestra: $265 + fundraising* 

Concert Orchestra: $250 + fundraising* 

Repertory  Orchestra: $235 + fundraising* 

Bravo String Orchestra: $220 + fundraising*


  • Multi-Orchestra/Sibling Discount*: For every additional child’s registration for CKYO, you may deduct 10% (i.e. 2 children in CKYO = deduct 10% from 2nd registration; 3 children in CKYO = deduct 10% each from 2nd & 3rd, etc.) *This also applies to students who participate in more than 1 orchestra on different instruments or both a classical and jazz orchestra in the spring semester (e.g. Student plays violin in Concert Orchestra and oboe in Symphony Orchestra, deduct 10% from one orchestra tuition each semester) You may take the 10% from the high tuition amount.

  • Late Fee:  Fall Semester: Tuition received AFTER September 15, 2022 will incur an additional fee of $25.  Spring Semester: Tuition received AFTER January 31, 2023 will incur an additional fee of $25.


Each  CKYO student is required to assist CKYO in Fundraising each semester.  Students may participate in Flower Sales each semester or sell Program Ads to fulfill the Fundraising Quota. 

Ways to fulfill the Fundraising portion of your tuition:

  • Fundraising Cash Opt Out: Cash opt out per semester  $75 per student;

  • Flower Sales:  Poinsettia and Greens from Pemberton's Greenhouse - sale during October/November, pick-up after Thanksgiving.

  • Program Advertising: Each season CKYO prints professional programs for each concert and distributes them at each event. Sell a program ad to a local business or organization (of any size) and fulfill your fundraising requirement for the entire season! More information is available HERE.

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