CKYO COVID-19 UPDATE (4/20/20)

In accordance with Fayette County Public Schools, all CKYO rehearsals, concerts, and after-school are cancelled for the remainder of the CKYO 2019-2020 Season. Current students and families may read more HERE. 


Audition materials for the 73rd Season: 2020-2021 are now available. Click HERE for more information.

CKYO FALL 2020 Update (7/6/20)

CKYO seeks input and interest from students and families for some small, in-person ensemble work for the first half of our 73rd Season: 2020-2021. Click HERE for the email sent to all current CKYO families and new families who have submitted their email for additional information. Please reply by 7/20/20.


Updated Audition Information for the 73rd Season: 2020-2021 is now available. Click HERE for more information.

CKYO 73rd SEASOn: 2020-2021

Audition Information NOW AVAILABLE

Thank you for visiting CKYO's 73rd Season: 2020-2021 Audition Page!

Due to the ever-changing landscape with COVID-19 CKYO will audition via video any students interested in participating in a CKYO small ensemble during the Fall 2020 session of our 73rd Season: 2020-2021. All students interested in participating in CKYO in Fall 2020 will be asked to submit a video.


For those interested in auditioning for a more advanced ensemble or for those who did not participate in 2019-2020, your audition video will include the elements you would have performed in a live audition (Excerpts, Scales, Solo). There will be no sight reading portion of the video audition.  These videos will be used to place students in small ensembles for the fall and will be used again for judges to evaluate and populate the sections for a full-sized ensembles in the winter. We hope to be able to resume large ensemble and full orchestra activity in January 2021, if it is safe to do so. If you will perform a full CKYO ensemble audition, visit this page for complete instructions.

For those interested in returning to their 2019-2020 orchestra for the 2020-2021 season, there will be not formal seating auditions for the fall small ensemble work, however, CKYO believes it is important and beneficial for you to prepare some excerpts and submit them to the CKYO  audition team to evaluate and place in small ensembles for the fall 2020 term. This is CKYO's opportunity to hear the progress you've made and check-in with you. We hope your work on these excerpts will be a way to work towards something and is in no way meant to be a stressful or scary exercise. If you would like to return to your 2019-2020 ensemble for the 2020-2021 season, visit this page for complete instructions.

Audition requirements and information now available is only for about each of the CKYO Classical Ensembles. CKYO Jazz ensembles only meet January thru May and auditions for the jazz 2020-2021 season will be announced in October 2020.

General Information abut the CKYO Fall 2020 small ensemble in-person planning

As of July 6, 2020, we will plan to resume in-person, small ensemble activity in shortened program cycles in late August. Groups of 14-20 players (maximum), rehearsing 90 minutes each week for 3 weeks. Performances will vary with live-streaming and/or reduced audience numbers. We are hoping for indoor venues, but we will also have the option of outdoor performance venues. We will continue to offer each level of experience with several small to midsize Chamber Ensembles.

The calendar is still in progress, working on specific dates based on availability but an example of the schedule would be:
Session 1: Rehearses weekly late August thru early September – performs mid September
Session 2: Rehearses weekly mid September thru early October – performs mid October
Session 3: Rehearses weekly mid October thru early November - performs early November
Session 4: Reheases weekly mid November thru early December – performs early to mid December
This is a different experience than what CKYO generally offers, and we realize that some families may not be interested in this performance offering. However, the goal of CKYO at this time is to get our students making music together again and keeping everyone safe and healthy while doing so!
TUITION: Tuition would be based on the number of sessions a student would like to sign up for:  1 ensemble per session  for a total of 4 sessions available. Dates of rehearsal and performances are September thru December 2020. Financial Assistance is available for students thru application to the CKYO Board of Directors. 
SCHOOL and PRIVATE LESSON PARTICIPATION: It is CKYO’s policy that all members are participating in their school band or orchestra program (if available at their enrolled school) and are enrolled in regular private lessons on their instrument while participating in CKYO.  Students are not required to fulfill these requirements in advance of being accepted into an ensemble, but must fulfill the requirements while participating in and rehearsing with a CKYO ensemble. CKYO remains committed to and supportive of school music programs and the artists in our community who teach privately and feel they continue to be one of our greatest assets to each students' musical success.

In these uncertain times, CKYO will remain strong and will continue to enrich and change lives through music. We look forward to working with our outstanding CKYO musicians this season and hope you will join us!

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