• All students who are new to CKYO.

  • Any student who was a participant in the 2020-2021 season ensembles who was not a member in March 2020 when CKYO suspended the season because of COVID19*

  • Any student who was a member of Concert, Repertory, or Preparatory String Orchestra in March 2020 and wishes to move into a more advanced CKYO ensemble. 

*CKYO Music Director and Music Staff did not make traditional CKYO orchestra assignments for participants for 2020-2021 Season. Assignments that were made for our small ensembles for the 2020-2021 Season are not necessarily representative of traditional placements for CKYO orchestras (i.e. a student who played with the Wednesday Night String Ensemble might audition for Concert Orchestra but be placed at the Repertory Orchestra level following the 2021 Spring auditions).




  • All students who were members of Symphony Orchestra in March 2020 and wish to participate in Symphony Orchestra in the coming season

  • Any student who was a member of Concert, Repertory, or  Preparatory String Orchestra in March 2020 and wishes to participate in that same orchestra for 2021-2022.

  • Any student who was a participant in the Thursday Night string ensemble in September 2020-April 2021 who wishes to participate in Preparatory String Orchestra for the 2021-2022 season.

**To indicate that you will return to your March 2020 assigned orchestra or to the Preparatory String Ensemble for Thursday Night 2020-2021 participants, please complete this COMMITMENT TO RETURN FORM. Students who are not required to prepare a Spring Ensemble Audition Video will prepare, along with all other auditioning students, for a LIVE Seating Audition in FALL 2021.




1. Complete the online audition application and fee of $15 linked below or HERE. Make sure not to complete the application until you have recorded your Audition Video. There will be a place to link your audition video in the online application. If you do not have access to completing the audition online, please contact the office and we will help! Email ckyo@ckyo.org or call 859-254-0796. Instructions for recording your videos are HERE.

2. If you have questions about which orchestra to audition for, please consult with your private or school teachers about the Audition Requirements for each orchestra and the appropriate level. In all cases, the Orchestral Excerpt that should be prepared is representative of the level of repertoire each orchestra typically performs. You can use these excerpts to help you decide for which orchestra you are ready.  Please note: based on the audition, a student will not be placed in a more advanced orchestra than student auditions for, however, a student may be placed in a less advanced orchestra (ie. a candidate for Concert Orchestra may be placed by the judges in Concert Orchestra, Repertory Orchestra, or Preparatory String Orchestra, but not in Symphony Orchestra).

3. CKYO supports all public and private school music programs and recognizes the benefits of private lessons. CKYO requires all student members to be enrolled in regular private lessons on their instrument and be registered/enrolled in their school's music program (if student plays a string instrument in CKYO, they should be participating in their school's orchestra program; if student plays wind/brass, they should be participating in their school's band program or orchestra) while participating in CKYO. These requirements do not have to be met prior to auditioning, but must be fulfilled for the season the student will be participating in the CKYO program. There are no exceptions to the private lesson and school participation policy. By submitting your audition or Commitment to Return, you are acknowledging this requirement and understand that you must meet this requirement once you are participating in a CKYO Orchestra/Ensemble. More information is available in the CKYO Membership Handbook.

4. The deadline for submitting the audition application with video link is Friday, June 18, 2021 at 11:59pm.


AUDITION FORMAT- Via Video for 2021-2022*

Each Spring Ensemble Audition will consist of three parts which are listed in general below. Ensemble Information and Audition requirements, excerpts, and instructions for each Ensemble/Instrument are listed HERE.  

  1. Orchestral Excerpt(s): Each instrument has specific orchestral excerpts that you must prepare. The excerpts are taken from representative repertoire for each ensemble.

  2. Scales: Students should be familiar with all scales listed for the orchestra they will be auditioning for. For the audition video, a students should select three scales from the requirements list for their auditioning orchestra to perform for their video.(see  the specific scale requirements for each orchestra HERE). Please present the scales in accordance with how you practice scales with your private teacher (i.e. repeating the top note or not, tempo, dynamics, etc…). Judges will be listening for rhythmic steadiness, intonation, and sound quality. 

  3. Solo: Prepare your choice of solo;  2 - 3 minutes in length is average; choose something that shows your skills best, NOT NECESSARILY YOUR MOST DIFFICULT PIECE. Judges will be listening for intonation, sound, expression, musicality.

  4. There is no sight reading requirement for the video auditions. However, all students will be asked to sight-read at their LIVE seating audition this fall. To practice sight-reading skills check out: https://www.sightreadingfactory.com


*Percussion Auditions will be held LIVE via appointment.


Audition Results will be emailed no later than Friday, July 16, 2021 and will contain placement information, ensemble instructions, tuition payment information, and Seating audition excerpts you will prepare for your Fall 2021 Seating Audition, which will be held LIVE in late August or early September (dates TBA). Students returning to their same Orchestra placement (i.e. those not submitting an audition) will also be emailed the 2021-2022 registration info and Seating Audition excerpts by 7/16.


This Spring Ensemble Audition will serve to assign each student to a specific orchestra; however no seating will be produced based on this audition. Orchestral Excerpts, included in the Audition Results mailed in July, should be prepared for a seating audition which will take place in Fall 2021 to start the season.

All audition videos should be uploaded in accordance with the instructions by Friday, June 18, 2021 at 11:59pm. Find Video Recording Instructions HERE.

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