CKYO COVID-19 UPDATE (4/20/20)

In accordance with Fayette County Public Schools, all CKYO rehearsals, concerts, and after-school are cancelled for the remainder of the CKYO 2019-2020 Season. Current students and families may read more HERE. 


Audition materials for the 73rd Season: 2020-2021 are now available. Click HERE for more information.

CKYO 73rd SEASOn: 2020-2021

Audition Information NOW AVAILABLE

Thank you for visiting CKYO's 73rd Season: 2020-2021 Audition Page!

Due to the ever-changing landscape with COVID-19 we are not scheduling or announcing an audition date at this time and will be looking to schedule the live audition day in mid-late August as school resumes. However, we want to keep everyone practicing and working on their musical progress so we are publishing information about each orchestra along with all of the audition requirements and excerpts for our 73rd Season Ensemble Auditions now.


We hope you will start working on your audition preparation so that once we are able to announce the date, you are ready to apply and get your audition scheduled.


Click HERE to make sure you are added to our email list for when the audition application and audition date are available.

Audition requirements and information about each of the CKYO Classical Ensembles for 2020-2021 are linked below. The classical ensembles meet August thru May.  CKYO Jazz ensembles only meet January thru May and auditions for the jazz 2020-2021 season will be announced in October 2020.


• All students who are not current members of a CKYO ensemble (member in spring 2020). 

• Returning Concert, Repertory, & Preparatory String Orchestra students who wish to move into a more advanced CKYO ensemble. 

*Please note: Returning CKYO students in good standing who wish to participate in the same ensemble next season are NOT required to take an Ensemble Audition (i.e. you are currently in Symphony and want to remain in Symphony Orchestra next year; you are currently in repertory Orchestra and want to remain in Repertory Orchestra next year, etc.). 

SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (full symphonic orchestra, most advanced)

CONCERT ORCHESTRA (full symphonic orchestra, second most advanced)

REPERTORY ORCHESTRA (full symphonic orchestra, beginning full orchestra experience)


PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE  (performs ensemble work and also all percussion parts for the symphonic orchestras at concerts)

If you are interested in playing piano or harp in CKYO, email us at


Sightreading: We suggest using the free app - Sight-reading Factory!

Students can work on rhythms only or actual sight reading excerpts. For excerpts, just click on the instrument family your instrument is associated with. (Ex. Violin = string family). Then click on your instrument; violas and cellos need to make sure they click on the correct instrument and clef sign. You also have the option to read in other clefs.

From there, pick the level of difficulty, time signature, and key signature. Then click on Free Play. The software will play the excerpt for you, if you'd like, and there is a metronome to use since rhythm is important when sight reading.


Scales: Click HERE for SCALE sheets.

CKYO Member School and Private Lesson Participation Requirements

1.  All CKYO participants MUST be enrolled in the school band/orchestra program at their school on their auditioning instrument. (i.e. if you play violin in CKYO, you must be enrolled in orchestra or the equivalent per your school's requirements; if you play saxophone in CKYO jazz you must be enrolled in the band program). CKYO will require school band and orchestra teachers to confirm your participation in their programs each semester a student is participating in CKYO. If you are homeschooled, your parent should sign. 

2. All CKYO students must have a private teacher and meet regularly with them throughout the season. The private teacher will confirm participation in their studio each semester of CKYO participation. 


These requirements do not have to be met prior to auditioning, but must be fulfilled for the season the student will be participating in the CKYO program. There are no exceptions to the private lesson and school participation policy.

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