INSTRUCTIONS and excerpts

2022-2023 Ensemble Auditions

published April 2022

Each instrument has specific requirements for the audition. Depending on the orchestra for which you are auditioning, your audition may include orchestral excerpts, scales, and a solo. Only Symphony and Concert Orchestra auditions will require you to perform a solo. The orchestral excerpts are one of the most important parts of the CKYO audition as they are taken from repertoire for each ensemble that is typical of the level of repertoire that the Orchestra will perform for the season.  
The instructions are listed below by instrument, then orchestra. Find your instrument and then prepare an audition for the orchestra that best matches your playing level at this time in your musical development.  


A NOTE ABOUT CHROMATIC SCALES for Winds and Brass: The examples you may see in your audition requirements for a full range chromatic scale is just that - an example. We are NOT expecting you to play the chromatic scale as listed on the audition requirements for your instrument. What the judges are looking for is to hear your CURRENT range on your instrument. Start with your lowest comfortable note and play up to your highest comfortable note and back down. 













Specialty Instruments/programs​

  • PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE  (performs ensemble work and also all percussion parts for the symphonic orchestras at concerts) If you are interested in participating in the percussion ensemble, please complete this form and we will be in touch about auditions. Returning percussionists will not need to complete a spring ensemble audition to participate next season.

  • PIANO  - there are currently no openings for piano in the CKYO Symphony or Concert Orchestra for the 2022-2023 season. 

  • HARP - please email us at if you are a harp player interested in learning more about playing in our advanced ensemble which play original notation symphonic repertoire.

  • JAZZ ENSEMBLES - CKYO's jazz season runs January thru May of each year as to not conflict with marching band. If you are interested in being notified when Jazz Audition Info is live in October 2022, please complete this form.